October 15 - 16, 2019

Future Work Live

FWL is the premier conference for HR Leaders to Design the Future Employee Experience

The premier conference for HR practitioners, Future Work Live is bringing some of the foremost, industry-leading HR executives to discuss the challenges facing Chief Human Resource Officers. Join over 300 senior leaders to network and learn about opportunities and solutions in people analytics, HR technology, artificial intelligence, and automation. Prepare your organization for the future of work.

Taking place October 15-16th in New York City, Future Work Live is a new multi-stage event designed to provide HR executives and business leaders with the tools and inspiration needed to future-proof your organization.

The future of work is live in:


3 Stages. 1 Great Event.

Connect with over 300+ Human Resources executives and expand your network. Meet the disruptive startups and innovators who are changing the world of work. Future Work Live will be a unique interactive learning and networking experience, providing actionable takeaways to empower you to be build a more engaged and tech-powered business.

The agenda is carefully crafted by experienced industry experts and technology disruptors to provide timely, actionable insight into the competitive dynamics for building the workplace of the future.

Future Work Leaders

Future Work Live brings together like-minded leaders and executives who strive to create the best work experience for all employees. More than a conference, FWL is a conversation and collaborative celebration of exciting social start-ups, inspiring brands and forward-thinking individuals that are defining the employee experience, together.

People Analytics & HR Tech

Two days of deep dives in Artificial Intelligence, people analytics and the data-enabled organization, and trend briefings on HR Technologies including recruitment, performance management, eLearning and employee engagement.

Future Work Labs

Six 90-minute intensive sessions over two days, allowing for more granular analysis into the most pressing real world challenges facing HR in 2020. Lab themes will address: Road-mapping for creating a diverse organization; Cultural health checks and diagnosis; Social media in the workplace, Rewards and incentives that work; Training and development; Implementing AI.


Day 1 Tuesday 15th

















Starting at 8am


Registration and Breakfast


Chairperson Opening Remarks: Welcome to Future Work Live! – Main Stage

Alex Weber Award-winning host, motivational comedian speaker

Starting at 9am

9am – 9:45am

KEYNOTE: Global Trends Now and The Future of Almost Everything – Main Stage

As an HR leader, knowing what is now isn’t enough – you also need to know what will be, or you’re gone. Tomorrow’s world will look vastly different from today’s, so strap on your jetpack and get ready for an exhilarating “advance preview” of the most spectacular and useful trends that are guaranteed to shake up our world. In a rollicking presentation packed with keen insights, you will get a “sneak peek” into the contemporary culture of tomorrow – and the changes that are revolutionizing the way we all work, live and play. Global trends expert Daniel Levine will treat you to a glimpse of everything that matters – from the future of ecology, technology, transportation and medicine, to communications, business, and human relationships. Plus, he will put it into perspective and connect the dots, so you know what it means for success in your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game. Be inspired by trends-based innovation happening outside your industry that will help you innovate from within.

Daniel Levine Bestselling author, Global Trends Expert

9:45am – 9:50am

Microsoft Chairperson Opening Remarks – Main Stage

9:45am – 10:15am

Microsoft Presentation – Main Stage

Starting at 10am

10:15am – 10:45am

Welcome Party in Expo Hall

Take some time to mingle with your peers and meet the exhibitors at FWL. Discuss the big ideas you’ve just been listening to, grab some swag, and learn about new solutions to the challenges that the future of work poses.

10:45am – 11:55am

The Forces Shaping the Future of Work: The Fourth Industrial Revolution is Here – Main Stage

The world of work is changing, and HR is at the forefront of that change. From technological innovations driving a seismic shift in the workplace, to data analytics bringing more science to the art of managing people, to that workforce being comprised of more generations than ever before – the changes run deep. The way the HR department engages with the organization will be forever changed. Are you prepared for the changes that are coming – or, in some cases, already here? Join our panel of top-level HR professionals to learn the big picture trends that are specific to your role, and how leaders in the field are addressing them today. Plus, a featured CEO will be on hand to share what organizations need from their HR function in the new landscape.

Jacqueline Barrett Senior Economic Researcher

Ernest Ng VP, Global HR Strategy, People

Ashira Prossack Multi-Generational Workplace Expert

Starting at 12pm

12pm – 12:45pm

Generation Z: Getting Ahead of the Next Hiring Wave & What to Expect from the Future Workforce – Track 1

Just got your head wrapped around the millennial workforce? Time to prepare for Generation Z. The first generation to grow up in a purely technology-driven world, their relationship to the workplace will be shaped by their employers’ use of technology. They’ll be graduating from college and entering the workforce as we enter 2020, and your organization needs to be ready to recruit, engage, and develop them. • How can organizations prepare today to attract and on-board the new tech-savvy generation entering the workforce? • How do their experiences and characteristics shape how they will be as workers? • What are the expectations and challenges that organizations foresee when it comes to engaging the new workforce?

Ashira Prossack Multi-Generational Workplace Expert

12pm – 12:45pm

Embracing the Cognitive Enterprise: Accelerating Power of Purpose in the Workforce with Intelligent Workflows – Track 2

Today’s HR leaders must reinvent culture, skills and experiences using intelligent workflows to optimize process and augment business decisions. Reinvention of your enterprise requires a focus on organizational development — improving all the ways your employees interact with customers, the business and each other. Using AI, automation and new talent technologies, you can reinvent the entire talent lifecycle – from attracting and hiring the right people to engaging them like never before and keeping their skills sharp. Sponsored by IBM

Elizebeth Varghese General Manager, Talent & Engagement

12:50pm – 1:10pm

Thought Leadership Presentation – Track 1

12:50pm – 1:10pm

Thought Leadership Presentation: Demystifying AI (ZipRecruiter) – Track 2

How AI and talent acquisition experts can work together

Cindy Klein Manager, Key Accounts

Starting at 1pm

1:10pm – 2:15pm

Luncheon Keynote: Building Digital Dexterity in an Uncertain Era of Technological Change – Main Stage

Natalie Pierce Shareholder, Co-Chair, Robotics, AI and Automation Practice Group

Starting at 2pm

2:15pm – 2:40pm

TimesUp and MeToo Were Just the Start: Creating a Culture That’s Respectful, Safe, and Inclusive – Track 1

Building culture doesn’t end when you’ve developed a harassment policy. How you implement your policies is just as crucial. HR is the frontline of culture in organizations. Are you creating a transparent organization that can handle complaints? Are you looking ahead to creating an environment where all feel included, and their voices welcome? – Examining NDAs role in your culture – Minimizing gender disparities, including pay equity, senior leadership, and more – LGBTQ+ inclusion: Sexual orientation and gender identity at work – Microaggressions, implicit bias, and what HR needs to do now

Debbie Pollock-Berry Chief Human Resources Officer
Save the Children

2:15pm – 2:40pm

Cybersecurity: HR at the Crossroads of Technology and Personal Data – Track 2

The trends for cybersecurity aren’t good – data breaches are getting bigger, hackers are getting savvier, and the amount of compromised data is on the rise. And so are the costs – the average total cost of a data breach is 3.92 million dollars. HR sits in the crossroads of data – not only do handle sensitive information on employees, but you’re also a key role in creating and implementing secure IT policies. – Learn the new approaches hackers are using to gain access – and what you can do to stop them – Effective ways to get employees to act safely online – Best practices in balancing access with security

Keith Novack Associate Managing Director, Cyber Risk
Kroll Associates

2:45pm – 3pm

Wellness Break

Choose one of two wellness activities: a quick yoga break to stretch and awaken your body or a mindfulness exercise to energize your mind.

Starting at 3pm

3pm – 3:25pm

Managing and Maintaining a Flexible Workforce – Track 1

Daniel Pichl Head of HR Siemens Healthineers Ultrasound
Siemens Healthineers

3pm – 3:25pm

Technology to Help Employees Thrive at Work – Track 2

Every day it seems like we’re getting inundated with more information, more tasks to perform, more, more, and more without really understanding the impact it can have on employee well-being. In this session, attendees will learn how research, data, and technology can help companies understand — and measure — the importance of employee well-being and its impact on sustained growth. This will include an example of Salesforce’s own journey that lead the company to discover how to design strategies and programs that help employees thrive in an increasingly complex environment.

Ernest Ng VP, Global HR Strategy, People Analytics and Technology

3:30pm – 4pm

Continuous Learning: The Secret to a Successful Workforce – Main Stage

Things are moving faster than ever before – there are more changes in our current lifetime than there have been a generation ago. Once upon a time, your skills may have lasted your entire work career. Now, though, those days are gone. Everyone in the organization needs to continuously learn and adapt in order to continue to succeed. Whether you need to re-skill employees for a new role altogether, keep workers up to date with changes affecting the position, or just stay abreast of new developments, continuous learning needs to be part of your organization and culture. – How to effectively build continuous learning into busy employee schedules – Supporting continuous learning with your culture – What types of continuous learning have been most effective – and why – The benefits a continuous learning discipline has brought to an organization, beyond the obvious new knowledge – Using learning as a recruitment, retention, and engagement tool – Learning from your learners: Developing a feedback loop to create the learning your workforce crave

Keren Abina Sotomayor Senior Director of Learning Programs
City of New York, Administration for Children’s Services

Starting at 4pm

4pm – 4:05pm

Microsoft Chairperson Closing Remarks – Track 1

4:05pm – 5:30pm

Happy Hour in the Expo Pavilion

Starting at 5pm

5:25pm – 5:30pm

Chairperson Closing Remarks – Track 2

Starting at 6pm

6pm – 9pm

VIP Dinner: Purposeful HR Innovation and Transformational Change at Scale (Hosted by IBM)

Register to Request an Invitation here: https://www.argyleforum.com/events/2019-future-work-live-dinner-purposeful-hr-Innovation-and-transformational-change-at-scale/ In today’s world, HR is arguably the main engine of business growth, with HR executives now being tasked as the agents of change, never having had so much influence nor playing such an important role in driving transformation. Disruption is all around us, and it’s generating quite the impact on the entire talent lifecycle and the employee experience. Incorporating new technology isn’t always an easy task, however, the organizations that are leading the charge in our current “digitally disrupted business era” have HR departments that are human-centric and AI-powered. At this senior executive, invite-only dinner, Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with IBM, will host an informative and interactive discussion about how companies are leveraging intelligent workflows to drive business performance. Hear how an adaptive, self-reinventing, fast-paced and fast-learning workforce gives you competitive advantage. Join your peers to discuss: • How HR can re-skill and overcome the barriers to adopting evolving technologies • The future of HR as a strategic advisor and an agent of change • Best practices and learnings from implementing Intelligent Automation to drive transformation and business performance

Elizebeth Varghese General Manager, Talent & Engagement

Who attends our events

Future Work Live brings together HR executives together from across the East Coast


FWL provides human resource decision makers with direct access to the leading though leaderships, technologies and services in the marketplace. Delegates gain insight into key issues in conference sessions and deep dives with industry visionaries – they then use this learning for detailed conversations with sponsoring companies to discuss ways to work together.

Sponsors of FWL are considered the leading players in their specialist areas and have a high-value opportunity to engage an elite group of industry decision-makers utilizing a number of platforms.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities for the 2019 event – fill out our form and we will get back to you.

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